My personal favorite pair of white shoes is UGG

Sometimes we often fall into the narrow range we set for ourselves. For example, she has so many brand-name bags that must be taken care of? Should he be so handsome when he is so handsome? She must have been bitter after she has not married for so many years…

Shopping is actually the same: you only know that AGENS.B sells fashion and sells accessories, but the desserts at AGENS.B are amazing; you only know that Giorgio Armani is a huge fashion empire, and Giorgio Armani’s flower shop and The SPA is also very good; you only know that Daoxiang Village sells pastries and dim sum, but the occasional noodle toppings such as Babao spicy sauce and bamboo shoots in Daoxiang Village are delicious.

I want to say UGG today, in addition to snow boots, in the field of life and home, UGG has more and better, more affordable products, if you only equate UGG with big boots, then you really missed too many.

It’s the same fun to meet new people and buy things: look for his best side and then discover more of his faces. As everyone’s misunderstanding of UGG’s brand pronunciation is very deep, everyone’s misunderstanding of UGG’s product line is also very deep. When it comes to UGG, everyone first thinks of snow boots, which is actually the brand’s success.

UGG’s loafers are available in men’s, women’s and children’s collections. They are light and comfortable. UGG Imprint, which is used in some loafers, is a memory-functional footbed. The insole is softer and uses a shock-absorbing material for a better travel experience.

My personal favorite pair of white shoes is UGG. I don’t need to wear socks. I don’t want to wear my feet when I walk to New York.

UGG is not equal to snow boots!

In addition to snow boots, UGG has shoes that can be worn all year round: boat shoes, sneakers, rain boots, slippers, sandals, rubber soles, and even bags, clothing, homewear, accessories and household items. Every aspect of life, some products, even more recommended than snow boots.

Do you believe that UGG can buy a pair of real sheep

Do you believe that UGG can buy a pair of real sheep fur less than 500 yuan? – Although they are all known as sheep fur, do you know the difference between UGG and sheepskin UGG, and the cost of raw materials will be several times different? – How many double UGGs do you imagine to sell in China in a year? Is there really so much sheepskin wool in Australia that can supply this huge market? – Why do you say that your heavy gold direct mail purchase UGG may not be Australian origin? The chances of purchasing the U.S. native merino sheep fur UGG have already been less than 5%. Before I wrote this article, I have been hesitant for a long time, I know that the consequences of the writing must be the spit, attack and exclusion of the peers. Just as Ma Yun exposed the Alipay protocol control system, he immediately became the target of criticism. He was criticized by his peers for selling his friends. However, after careful consideration, I decided to objectively write insider information and market data that are not unpleasant, so that everyone has a clear and true understanding of the hidden dangers behind the so-called UGG and its hot sale. This may be related to my small immigrants going to Australia to grow up in this relatively simple and pure land. I like to do things and speak really, and I can’t stand hypocrisy and deception. If I put myself in the perspective of a consumer, I think I don’t mind wearing genuine or high imitation (after all, it depends on spending power), but my own right to know, to understand clearly, to buy value for money. Commodity, right, I believe this is also the voice of many of my guests. I started to get involved in the Australian purchase at the end of 2008. Because my family had a physical gift shop in Melbourne, I was very good at purchasing Australian health products and specialty products. In 2009, he began to discuss the distribution with the sales manager S of Binder Production, a manufacturer of Jumbo (a well-known UGG big name). At the time, UGG was just beginning to be popular in China, and many Chinese duty-free shops sold very well. There is a UGG association in Australia. This organization has raised several protests. It believes that Australian sheepskin should give priority to the needs of Australian brands. In fact, they knew that Australian fur production was only very tight for Australian brands. Not to mention the brands of other countries. Imported sheepskin VS domestic sheepskin, sheep fur one vs high planting, the cost must be half of the difference, since consumers can not distinguish, why not compress the cost?